Tax Free Shopping

In Ireland, Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax of 23% is included in all price tags displayed*. Non-EU visitors to Ireland are entitled to claim this tax back on goods purchased upon leaving the country. Some exclusions apply including books and children’s clothes and services, such as hotel accommodation, car-hire or restaurant meals are not eligible, see the full list here.

To check if you are eligible to claim VAT back, click here

To make it easier for visitors to claim their VAT (tax) back, in store we offer the FEXCO Horizon Card, administered by the VAT-refunding agency FEXCO. The Horizon smart card is a paperless solution, accepted by many retailers which allows the customer to shop and store their purchase history in one place.slide-fexcoCard-1

Simply swipe the card when making a purchase and your VAT refund will be calculated and added to the card. 

We strongly recommend our customers register their cards as soon as possible, this means in the case it is lost you will have a record of your purchases, and it will also save you time at the airport when claiming your refund. 

Refunds are processed back onto a credit card at your departing airport or can also be processed online if you are not leaving the EU immediately. There are FEXCO touch screen Tax Refund Kiosks at Dublin, Shannon & Cork Airports where you can quickly process your refund and claim your tax back. For more information on how to register your card and process your refund visit the Shop Tax Free website




*This applies to prices in store. Prices listed on our website include tax but this is deducted at checkout for customers outside of the EU.