Customer Reviews

The following are just samples of some of the reviews and comments we have received from customers.

 “Finally I have found the store that outfitted the cast of the Quiet Man. I can’t wait till they have their website up and running so I can buy some true Irish clothing.” October 2013 via Facebook

“On a recent visit to Galway I purchased a lovely angora / cashmere shawl from this store. It is so simple and beautifully woven, and works as a scarf as well. I can already see that it will become an everyday can’t live without accessory. My husband got a cashmere scarf that we feel the same way about. The owner was helpful and was nice to hold a few things so we could sleep on it before deciding. We found this store after having scoured several other shops. This one is definitely a cut above the others we looked at in the style department.” September 2013 via Yelp

“What a wonderful, wonderful shop! In the midst of a bunch of mass-produced stuff lied this beautiful of handmade, expertly crafted artisanal pieces of all kinds. Add that to the experience of chatting with shop owner and world-class knitter Anne Ó’Máille, and you’re sure to have a lovely time and leave with some unforgettable gifts. Thank you!” June 2013 via Facebook

“It is hard to say enough good things about this shop. Anne O’Maille and her husband, Ger, are charming to meet, and to talk to. I was shopping sweaters (“jumpers”?) in Galway, and I had originally planned to take the ferry out to the Aran Isles where they are knit. But first, I asked at my hotel desk, and they recommended O’Mailles. I questioned this, since I wanted good quality, and since most shops in Galway at least dabbled in sweaters. They were firm – see Anne O’maille. Fortunately, I’d already been in to some of the other shops around town. I had already felt the difference in heft & quality between machine-knit sweaters and hand knit ones. So my education had already begun. I was ready for Anne. She knows her knitters by name (she also knits), and she quietly identifies each sweater by the craftswoman who produced it. She encouraged me to begin trying things on – which I was shy about. But it really starts to give you a feel for what you’ll like. The shop has a quiet, out-of-the-way feel inside, although it is right there on High street in the thick of the bars and shopping. To say that Anne has the highest quality goods would be to understate the matter. The knitwork in this shop is extraordinary. The sweater I settled on is 100% Donegal tweed, and has the chunkiest, most expert stitching I’ve ever seen. I went with a charcoal color, which has a very natural look. And getting the fit just right was very important to me, but I am not very knowledgeable about style (I didn’t know what a raglan sleeve was). Anne was very patient and helped me to notice which elements fit me well. The shop sells other garments: tweed suits, and hats, and other knitwear such as scarves and hats. Heaven help my wallet when I go back to Ireland (I live in Chicago), it’ll be difficult not to go broke at O’maille. Is the merchandise expensive? Yes and no. I actually paid less than I’d planned for the perfect sweater, knowing that once I’m educated about a line of goods, I typically go for the best quality I can afford for an important item. This is no exception. If you will wear a garment often, go for quality. And when you do, you cannot go wrong with this little shop, O’maille’s.” February 2013 via Facebook

“This is a really busy shop with lots of tourists making purchases of all things traditional because they have such a wonderful selection of quality traditional clothing. The large windows have a great display of the goodies you can find inside so they certainly entice you in. It is also a child friendly shop if you go in with young children as they are welcomed. Beautiful cashmere and wool capes. Good selection of Aran sweaters so you are sure to find the one you want here from their large range. Nice selection of tweeds so you can find lots of true Irish clothing for yourself or as gifts for family and friends overseas. For the knitter they have a good selection of Wool including Donegal. M. would recommend. M. would use again.” April 2011 via